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Trevor Litwin - My mother, who is an English teacher, used Mr. Duncan's reading materials to teach me how to read. She knew the combination of sound phonics with whole word instruction was the formula for success. I loved the user friendly workbooks and the cheerful illustrations. Mr. Duncan's reading materials helped me become a lifelong reader.

Jack Ehlen - It has been many years since I last sat in your classroom, but is has only been a matter of days that I last thought of you and your impact on my life. You were a significant educational force in my early days of public education.

I think of your expectation of excellence in all your assignments. To this day I still have my Greek and Latin Roots folders I completed in your class. I used that knowledge of word construction throughout college and into my professional training. My own children have used these notebooks as references in their school assignments. I smile when I hold these notebooks, remembering how you showed us to fold the pages into columns and how to craft the report.

I am sure I did not thank you then, but please accept a long overdue expression of gratitude for teaching us and providing foundational pillars of knowledge we would build on for a life time. I send my best wishes to you and again my thanks for your dedication to teaching excellence. It made a difference to me.